Last October, more than 3,000 equity-oriented educators, consumers, administrators, researchers, community advocates, leaders and politicians met at the Equity Summit 2015, both to assess where local communities  are in their quest to develop economic and social equity and to build a national equity movement across the United States ( ) .  This included the presentation of a common platform, an “Equity Manifesto” ( that communities can use to foster equity and inclusion for all citizens.  It also included launching an initiative called the “all cities initiative” ( that is designed to empower community advocates and leaders to foster social change though sharing ideas, data, and resources to foster sustainable growth. We agree with both the letter and spirit of what our fellow equity team members are trying to accomplish. Building Bridges instead of towers Economic and Social Equity needs to occur via collaboration, networking and building synergy across communities. It cannot occur in isolation. On a practical level it means looking for programs and innovations that support economic and social equity- in the case, access to programs that help improve economic and social well-being for all citizens. As they used to say- Are you are part of the problem or a part of the solution????? Questions for Discussion
  • How can we improve access to quality of primary and secondary public education in your community?
  • If a local delegate or senator was reading this blog what would you say is the most important thing that should be done in 2016 to improve the lives for all persons in your community?
Social Action Tasks 
  • What happened when you connected to others via the allcities initiatives- did you find a partner your community can network with?