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Meet Jessica Smith the newest graduate assistant for the Center Social Justice, Human and Civil Rights and our new Associate Producer of “Voices of Social Justice.” In this episode, Jessica shares some insights on her background, the area of study about which she is most passionate. She also provides a glimpse into the mindset for young voters, a group that may have a critical impact on the upcoming election.

Intro/Outro Music: “Growing Up” by Macklemore and Ryan Lewis (feat. Ed Sheeran)

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Host: Llewellyn Cornelius

Email: lcornel@uga.edu

Producer: Harold Waters, Jr.

Email: hwaters@uga.edu

Associate Producer: Jessica Smith (UGA MSW ’18)

Facebook: UGA Center for Social Justice, Human and Civil Rights

Twitter: @csjuga

Web: www.centerforsocialjusticeuga.org

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