• ArchPass is Required to Access eLC and Athena Starting March 2018
  • Recall of UGA Off-site Equipment
  • Send Sensitive Files Securely

Important Dates to Remember

This March 2018, ArchPass is Required to access eLC, Athena, and Employee Portal - Get Yours Today. ****** Recall of Off-site UGA Portable Equipment - Mar 26 - Apr 6. *****

An ArchPass is Required to Access eLC, Athena, and Employee Portal

An ArchPass is Required to Access eLC, Athena, and Employee Portal

Set Up Your ArchPass Today

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UGA Property Control Off-site Inventory Recall

UGA Property Control Off-site Inventory Recall

Begins March 26-April 6, 2018

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Have a Technical Question -Need IT Support?

Have a Technical Question -Need IT Support?

Contact SSW Tech Support - Email itshelp@ssw.uga.edu

Access Campus Wifi As a Guest

Guests who need to use the campus’ WiFi can receive a temporary guest account for the day.  Contact the EITS Helpdesk at 706-542-3106 and request a temporary account. Be prepared to give name, email address, phone number and other required information. It is a good idea to make this request at least a couple of …

Free Access to MS Office 365 Products

Students, faculty, and staff can download and install Microsoft Office 365 ProPlus for free on up to five personal devices, including computers, tablets, and phones.  To access this software, Log into your online UGAmail account – ugamail.uga.edu using your UGA MyID Click on the settings icon at the top-right menu.  Click Software, then install to…

Resources 101

Add this short list to your resource kit to help you get technical while at UGA   – New or old at UGA,  a UGA MyID is essential to UGA conduct UGA business and accessing UGA online resources.  To get your MyId or reset your MyID password, point your browser to myid.uga.edu. Once a MyId and password…

SSW Offsite Equipment Recall

March 27 – April 6 is the period allotted for you to schedule a day and time to leave your laptops and other portables with the SSW IT team.  Scheduling a day is required for two reasons – 1. to make sure the scanner is available  2. to allow us time to optimize your equipment…

NetFlix, Hulu, and Amazon Restricted in Classrooms

When choosing video for a classroom activity, plan on using a video delivery method that does not employ a paid streaming site.  Due to projection restrictions, Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and the like will not play via LCD projection in SSW’s classrooms.  Currently, Youtube seems to work properly.  For assistance with video delivery in the classrooms,…

Convert a Wlmp File from SSW’s Video Lab

Video Recording Room Set-Up Feel free to contact ITS Help Desk on 2nd floor for help in this lab. How to start recording: Log on to the computer using your UGA MyID and password. Double click on Windows Movie Maker icon to open Movie Maker. Click “Webcam Video” button at the top. Use the Logitech…

Operate the Logitech Webcams in SSW Classrooms

The School of Social Work’s classrooms are equipped with Logitech Conference Cameras (CC3000) which can be very useful for video conferences via online meeting tools such as Skype.  Also, theses cams can be used to conduct classroom recordings.  Follow the introductory steps below to learn how to use the camera and its microphone: 1. Open up the application…

Data Security / Sensitive and Restricted Files

As the value of data increases so does the need for taking extra care and precaution to increase data security, especially for sensitive data and files. Many forms of sensitive data exist, some are protected by legal requirements such as those outlined below: FERPA: The Family Educational Right and Privacy Act of 1974 protects the…

No Phishing!

Email is a most valuable resource which offers almost instantaneous delivery for communication and most of us have enjoyed this tool for years.  However, we are now entering a period which requires that we evaluate the emails we receive whether it be from addresses outside of UGA, inside UGA, or from sources that seem legitimate…

Use Sendfiles to Email Sensitive Files Securely

If you have to email sensitive data or confidential information, add an extra layer of protection by using a feature at UGA called SendFiles.  SendFiles is an encrypted file service offered by EITS to securely transmit sensitive documents and larger files online. Sending sensitive information in an unprotected email is like sending a confidential letter in…