No Phishing!

Email is a most valuable resource which offers almost instantaneous delivery for communication and most of us have enjoyed this tool for years.  However, we are now entering a period which requires that we evaluate the emails we receive whether it be from addresses outside of UGA, inside UGA, or from sources that seem legitimate or not.  Take an extra moment to verify an email that you were not expecting, before clicking a link, or answering a question. Be alert when checking email and don’t become a victim to  “spam”  or senders who are “phishing” for sensitive information. Spam is similar to the junk mail you receive  through the US Post Office.  Phishing is spam that includes links to click or questions for you to answer for information.  Responding to spam or phishing may cause you much grief because some of the schemes can cleverly trick you out of sensitive information and also spread viruses and other malware.  If you receive an email which prompts you for sensitive information such as your social security number, credit card information, or passwords, do not engage or respond.  Responding can result in identity theft. You can also report such emails by forwarding them to so that they can block them.

Signs in email that should raise red flags:

  1. The sender requests your password, social security number or an account number or other personal credentials.
  2. The sender says you need to act immediately or your account will be cancelled or you will lose privileges.
  3. The sender makes spelling or grammar mistakes.
  4. The link or the email looks similar to a legitimate source but not quite – phishing emails sometimes try to copy the logo or other visual elements of an institution.

If sensitive information is requested, always call the requester to verify before responding. DO NOT TRY TO VERIFY THE SOURCE’S LEGITIMACY BY REPLYING TO THE EMAIL.  If there is no contact information and no way to verify, delete the message!

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