SSW Offsite Equipment Recall

March 27 – April 6 is the period allotted for you to schedule a day and time to leave your laptops and other portables with the SSW IT team.  Scheduling a day is required for two reasons – 1. to make sure the scanner is available  2. to allow us time to optimize your equipment and get it back to you in a timely manner.

Before bringing in your equipment, back up your important data – save any important files to your IFS home or other share drive or to MS OneDrive if non-critical.  ( see instructions  ) .

Before picking up your equipment, go to the RUSS system at to verify that the equipment is registered in your name and current.   If your registration has expired, please submit a request and justification for renewal or return your equipment back to us for redistribution.   If you are not in the system, please add a request for approval for all off-site equipment and portables in your possession – this includes desktops, laptops, and other portables.  Do not bring in non-portable items.    See additional details below regarding the inventory process for portables and non-portables.    Email us at if you have questions.

Off-site Portable Inventory
UGA portable equipment will have to be returned by borrower / owner for a physical scan of the item and includes laptops, iPads, cameras, projectors, and other portable equipment.  For a speedy return, please attach a copy of your RUSS approval info to the equipment.  If the equipment has not been updated in RUSS, or is expired, the owner has to access Russ and update the info before the equipment is released.  Also, we may conduct updates on equipment as necessary, so please back up data and plan to leave it for at least a day.

Off-site Non-portable Inventory
In lieu of transporting non-portable off-site equipment such as desktops and printers, please take a photo of such equipment showing its serial number and property control number – also Include your name, office number, and a pic of the front and back of the equipment. Please email your photos and information to

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