From the Desk of the IT Director

Our SSW Information Technology Support (ITS) team strives to make contributions toward the mission of social work through various and varying talents such as programming, technical design, troubleshooting, creative and analytical thinking, and customer service. ITS can help to build efficiency and automation in your program or business process.  Feel free to set up an appointment with me to discuss your special needs or challenges.

Are you aware that several of the School of Social Work’s application systems are created in-house by ITS ?  These systems facilitate the missions of various SSW units and offer online access to important tools for our students, faculty, and staff.   To name a few, SSW’s Course Evaluation (CE),  Scholarship Application System, Field Application System (FA), and Assistantships Application System, all were developed and are still supported by the School of Social Work’ s Information Technology Support (ITS) team. These systems are built with bare hands from scratch without the help of Microsoft or Adobe products but with raw code, such as PhP, JAVA, scripts, html, other varying tricks, and sometimes agony, but most times resulting in bona fide useful products.  Our latest addition this year is the Admissions Reporting System designed to support SSW’s Graduate Admissions. 

Our Tech Talk newsletter is one resource published to educate readers and disseminate information as it relates to technology awareness and solutions for the support of the School of Social Work. Check it out often for the latest news and happenings in our unit and keep it at your fingertips as your tech resource tool.  Review the “Tech Tools” and “Howto” menus for topics relating to productivity and classroom support.  The “Technicalities” menu provides policies and procedures regarding access to resources provided by the ITS unit.  Visit the side bar for a focus on happenings with technology in the educational arena and our School.  Also, the side bar will include links to systems and applications designed and supported by the ITS unit so that you will not have to search for most frequented applications.

The ITS team brings various areas of expertise in the technology arena and are dedicated to providing prompt service and support.  Remember ITS when you submit a grant proposal and write in additional funding for any additional IT support. To contact the ITS staff, email

Best Regards,  tp